Strategic Planning for Sustainability

Dauphin Island

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Planning Approach

The Strategic Planning process that the Town of Dauphin Island will carry-on during the next nine months will include a focus upon the following components:

  1. reviewing existing documents and statutes applicable to future development,
  2. providing stakeholder sustainability awareness and inventorying all stakeholder place-based interests, values, practices, and future vision,
  3. conducting community asset identification via public consultation processes,
  4. developing visual frameworks of historical and current conditions that will influence changes in environment, community development, and cultural views,
  5. planning and designing management strategies through public participation, including the visualization of possible futures and related timelines for progress, and
  6. promoting implementation of a management strategy and measurement processes.

At the completion of this process, the Town will possess a strategic plan and direction that will allow for the revisions to the Comprehensive Plan that the community developed in 2000 in order to guide decision-making and action toward a more sustainable future.

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