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Interim Planning Report - April 2007

The Dauphin Island Strategic Planning Consultant Team prepared a Report to summarize their work to-date and present the different kinds of data that have been collected about the Island community in support of further planning activities. This report can be read in its entirety by going to the DI Interim Report. With the use of charts and graphs the Report summarizes all the information the Consultant Team has obtained from the Stakeholder Surveys, targeted focus group meetings, the two workshops held to-date, and individual interviews with Island residents and business owners. The Report also includes the evaluation of the Town of Dauphin Island's 2000 Comprehensive Plan progress toward implementation of 27 identified actions. These actions are evaluated for their status and relationship to concerns expressed by stakeholders in their Strategic Planning Survey Form responses.

The last part of the DI Interim Report provides detail on the Shared Vision the Dauphin Island Community has developed to guide the remainder of the Strategic Planning process. The surveys, interviews, and initial workshop were designed to allow all stakeholders to articulate the problems associated with living on Dauphin Island. These problems are viewed as setting the boundaries on change that stakeholders desire for their future. And the outcome of this change is characterized by a shared vision community members created in March 2007 to initially shape the path of change they will pursue and the desired end-state they perceive. If the desired end state is not openly defined and agreed upon, the participants may have different end states in mind and the results of planning will be ineffective.

For a better view of the different charts and graphs that are in the Interim Report, you can also go to the Interim Report Slide Show. This will give you a larger view of all the Report's data.

So check out this Interim Report of the Consultant Team and give us your comments.

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