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Planning Activity Outcomes

February 2007

The Town of Dauphin Island held its first major public activity for the Strategic Planning process in the form of a Public Meeting on February 8, 2007. More than 100 stakeholders attended a kick-off event for the planning effort that focused on introducing the process to the community by the Consultant Team and seeking initial input from participants about major issues of concern for the Island. View the slide presentation that was part of this Planning Kick-off Event. The results of the evening's breakout group discussions among participants can be seen in the Summary Table from the night's dialogue.

March 2007

The Town of Dauphin Island, with the assistance of its Consultant Team, conducted a series of activities and meetings to further define problems related to Strategic Planning for a sustainable future and to articulate a vision shared by the community for what this sustainable future will look like. In addition to the Stakeholder Survey effort, a general meeting forum was employed, workshop settings were designed, small, targeted group meetings were carried out, individual telephone interviews were conducted, and one-on-one dialogues were held with people on the street, the beach, or in places of business. This strategy of stakeholder contact to-date has reached 935 people. A total of 569 individuals have filled out and returned a survey form (as of April 12, 2007). We have completed a kick-off orientation and initial fact-finding workshop (104 people), telephone interviews (19 people), targeted small group meetings (52 people), church meetings (58 people), and one-on-one discussions with people in the streets, on the beach, and at the Town’s businesses (84 people).

During the week of March 26, 2007 Visioning Workshops were conducted for the Dauphin Island community. A total of 49 stakeholders participated in these visioning activities. The Visiong Workshop groups mapped the forces and trends that contribute to today's reality for their key issues of concern. In developing these Pattern Maps participants became aware of the interconnections and complexities for the different trends and forces affecting these issues needing to be addressed in the strategic planning design.

The Proposed Community Vision that was produced by the workshop participants stated a clear image of a desired future situation as follows.

Shared Community Vision for Dauphin Island

On behalf of the people of Dauphin Island, the Town will lead this small island community through the 21st century by preserving the island’s history, culture, and environmental assets, while planning for a future that capitalizes on its natural resources to promote economic well-being.

This shared community vision is supported by a number elements the Visioning Workshop participants identified. These supporting elements can be found in the Interim Planning Report that presents all the data to-date for the Dauphin Island Strategic Planning process.

In order to review all the progress that has been made to-date with the Dauphin Island Strategic Planning process, read the Consultant Team's Interim Planning Report.

June 2007

The Town of Dauphin Island held its SWOT Analysis on June 7, 2007 as part of the Island's overall Strategic Planning initiative. During this workshop, participants also defined theTop Ranked Planning Objectives (TRO) for the community to proceed with. More than 50 community stakeholders participated in this Workshop and were given an update Slide Presentation on what has occurred with the planning process to-date. They then worked to develop a Strategic Plan Flow Chart that will guide the Town's actions toward its future, sustainable development. This flow chart assisted the strategic planning process in identifying key topic areas that stakeholder Design Teams will focus upon for further, detailed strategic action planning at the July Design Charrette (July 26-28, 2007).


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