Strategic Planning for Sustainability

Dauphin Island

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Island Concerns for the Future

The Dauphin Island community is grappling with several different issues in part due to damage sustained from two hurricanes in subsequent years. Thus, the Town has expressed a number of concerns it has about seeing that the strategic planning process adequately addresses perceived needs of the Town. These concerns are expressed in the following questions.

  • How can the Dauphin Island Community come together to develop a common vision for the community of what the island should be in 20 to 30 years?
  • How can the Dauphin Island Community plan for and develop improvements to Island infrastructure that are environmentally sensitive and hurricane resistant?
  • How can the Dauphin Island Community engage in commercial revitalization and expansion of economic opportunities including tourism and business growth in a way that capitalizes on its community assets?
  • Can the Dauphin Island Community manage growth through the implementation of Smart Growth concepts sustaining the unique environmental quality of the island, including the beaches, dunes, maritime forest, swamplands and marshes that make the island a special place?
  • How can the Dauphin Island Community maintain and improve housing diversity so that work force and other affordable housing for island commercial/retail establishment workers will be available?
  • How can the Dauphin Island Community improve/expand its arts/community/recreational facilities and opportunities and access to the water?
  • How can the Dauphin Island Community improve provision for social/community services on the island?
  • Composition of the island is such that we have various entities. How can we better work both independently and interdependently as a community?
  • Can the Dauphin Island Community better coordinate its governing activities, financing activities and the organizational capacity of the current entities?

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