Strategic Planning for Sustainability

Dauphin Island

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Check out the Dauphin Island Strategic Plan Flow Chart that will guide the future of community sustainable development.

Planning Activity Outcomes

Island Concerns for the Future

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Strategic Planning Steering Committee

The Town of Dauphin Island has established a community Steering Committee that will work with the Consultant Team to guide the Island's Strategic Planning Process. Steering Committee members include the following.

Joyce Allen Town of Dauphin Island
Sherry Cain Dauphin Island Park & Beach Board
Vaile Feemster Dauphin Island Water & Sewer Authority
Jeff Collier Town of Dauphin Island
Kevin Collier Dauphin Island Water & Sewer Authority
David Connelly Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce
George Crozier Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Nannette Davidson Dauphin Island Planning Commission
Pat Edwards Dauphin Island Planning Commission
Marti Harding Dauphin Island Foundation
Mike Henderson Dauphin Island Park & Beach Board
Tom Howes Facilitator
Lemona Lucas Dauphin Island Foundation
Georgia Mallon Dauphin Island Sea Lab
John Porter Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary
John Reed Dauphin Island Property Owners Association
Mary Scarcliff Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce
Linda Smith Dauphin Island Property Owners Association
LaDon Swann Auburn University - Mississippi Alabama Sea Grant Consortium
Roberta Swann Mobile Bay National Estuary Program
Jody Thompson Auburn University
Mary Thompson Town of Dauphin Island
Mike Wilson Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary
Carolyn Wood Town of Dauphin Island


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