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We Can Explain Sustainability to Others

The health and longevity of society and the environment are issues that reach across all sectors of our world and touch everyone, without regard to where you live, who you are, what your education level is, or what your business background might be. Bringing awareness and understanding to the people who can make the most difference, the average global citizen, is the key. These are the exact people to be informed about the many diverse sustainability issues so they can make the right choices in their lives, while motivating governments in ways that will positively affect the future.

Five E's Unlimited can effectively explain sustainability to others. We have valuable public learning and awareness tools, have published papers and books, and have taught students and the public about the many dimensions of sustainability. We understand the language of sustainability and are trained in, teach, and assist communities and other groups to embrace The Natural Step process. We speak the dialects of sustainable development: Ecological Footprinting, Natural Capitalism, Triple Bottom Line, Biomimicry, Conservation-Based Development, Life Cycle Analysis, theory of Genuine Wealth, Low Impact Development, Base of the Pyramid, and more.

We relate to the audiences of sustainable development, from those who read peer-reviewed academic journals to those who join in spirited town-hall debates, intense coffee-shop conversations, and front porch or backyard discussions. We understand the incentives and objectives of its different publics, from legislators and business owners to community residents and environmental activists. We can tell the story of sustainability in ways that make sense to everyone, and can vividly present innovative and reality-based sustainability strategies, fully appropriate to the specific place and culture.

In short, Five E's fully recognizes and can effectively demonstrate that sustainability means transforming our ways of living to maximize the chances that environmental and social conditions in a place will perpetuate human security, well-being, and health. We are able to provide both visionary inspiration and pragmatic, science-based understanding to the communities and organizations I work with.

As an example of our being able to tell the story of sustainability to anyone, take a look at our 90-second music video on sustainability solutions by clicking on the image below. Let us know what you think?

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