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Urban Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Indicator Research for Sustainable Seattle, WA. (April-July, 2008). Researched and updated "Communities Count" indicators for the Natural and Built Environment section. These indicators included Air Quality, Water Quality, Land Cover, Farmland Treated with Chemicals, and Commute Choices. Updating of indicators is the same as in the 2005 report and/or are among "B-Sustainable" sets of indicators. For each indicator, the indicator template in Sustainable Seattle database was updated, new public information graph(s) were prepared, a short introduction and a set of narrative bullets for the new report were developed, and the Data Source, Definition, and Limitations of each indicator was clearly identified. Contact: Executive Director, Sustainable Seattle, 1402 Third Avenue, Suite 1220, Seattle, WA 98101. tel: (206)622-3522. e-mail: megan@sustainableseattle.org.

Shaw Main Streets, Washington, DC (January - October 2004). Provided services to Shaw Main Streets, a community-based, non-profit organization devoted to the commercial revitalization of the 7th and 9th Street corridors of Northwest Washington, DC. Established organization policy framework and financial management procedures. Facilitated the work of volunteer committees to develop projects that would promote economic revitalization and equitable community development in an historic, culturally diverse area of the District’s urban setting. Consultant activities provided to support building and lot parcel inventory studies, promotional activities, integrated development design strategies, streetscape planning, and sustainable business expansion opportunities. Promoted concepts of green infrastructure development, walkable communities design, integrated commercial revitalization, destination district advantages, and corporate social responsibility as part of consultant advisement. Contact: Mr. Dominic Moulden, Manna CDC, 614 S Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001. tel. (202) 232-2915. e-mail: dmoulden@mannacdc.org.

Resort Municipality of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (February-November, 2002). Provided the Whistler community and government (British Columbia, Canada) with expert opinions and data on sustainability as they would apply to a resort community to inspire long range planning and enhance sound economic development in tourism and recreation. Retained to prepare a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan that was produced during 2002. The RMOW required that the consultant team, of which I was the lead consultant for the Sustainable Destination Resort Background Report development, work to examine and define sustainability criteria in the context of the Whistler community. A copy of this report can be found at Whistler It's Our Future. My responsibilities in this effort included working to develop community consensus on sustainable destination resort community characteristics and criteria for evaluating futuring scenarios for the community and government to use in evaluating and choosing their preferable alternative future. Designed methodology for developing a comprehensive plan that was not simply collaborative with the community, but that was initiated, driven and concluded by the community. Assisted the public in understanding issues surrounding sustainability and how methodology should be applied to the key economic development issues facing the community. Responsible for guaranteeing the public's considered opinion was recorded and reconciled through further consultation and that the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan was set for implementation. Contact: Mr. Mike Purcell, The Natural Step Canada, 355 Waverley Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0W4. tel: (705) 495-2822 or (613) 748-3001, ext. 300. e-mail: mpurcell@naturalstep.ca or Ms. Becky Zimmerman, Principal, Design Workshop, Inc., 1390 Lawrence Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80204. tel: (303) 623-5186. e-mail: bzimm@designworkshop.com.

Sustainable DC (SDC), Washington, DC (2001-2004). Worked with the organization's Steering Committee to develop a formal organizational structure for this non-profit that would assist other NGO's in Washington, DC to holisticly achieve their various objectives related to urban sustainable development within the City. Assisted the organization's founder to design and publish an organizational web site and to identify initial projects the organization could implement and funders the organization might obtain support from for these projects. Served as editor of the organization's publishing of a bi-weekly, on-line (Internet) newsletter, "Sustainability Outlook" that initially reached more than 500 subscribers. Developed the format and agenda for a series of "Sustainability Dialogue" forums held in the Spring-Summer of 2001 by SDC and facilitated their conduct. Contact: Ms. Janet Bearden, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC. tel: (202) 564-6245. e-mail: bearden.janet@epa.gov.

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