A System's Approach to Sustainable Development

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Dispute & Conflict Resolution

Dramatic, fundamental change, both frightening and painful, in the way communities are, is necessary if we are really committed to the children of the world, present and future. Meeting obligations we say we have, whatever we determine they are, will require a renewed sense of personal and social justice, one that causes us as individuals and communities to act now for the simultaneous benefit of both the present and the future.

But this action will undoubtedly cause conflicts among different points of view, for everyone is right from their perspective. We all sense things differently, when we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Because we sense things differently, we understand them differently. Does this mean that somebody is right and somebody else is wrong? In conflict resolution, the notion of "wrong" is unacceptable!

People empower themselves to control their lives by creating authentic choices and establishing collective agreement (resolving conflict) on actions intended to achieve sustainability, according to a group's self- defined values. In this way community development works based on the belief that through collective action people can successfully resolve their issues as well as organize and implement change. The work of the group thus promotes a sense of accomplishment and belonging through shared learning and service in a process of growing self-realization, self-definition, and self-determination.

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